Addictive Simulations Downloads

Click on the download you require below.

Select Save and then browse to a location on your hard disk which you will remember. Run the Setup program from there when the download is complete. The installer will ask for your name and your serial number key. You will not be able to continue without it. The program should locate your main FSX, FS2004 or FS2002 folder and install correctly to there. If multiple versions are found you will be asked which you want to install.

The aircraft will appear under manufacturer "Addictive" and not "Vickers"


Note that due to the name change from Abacus to Addictive it will be necessary to uninstall any old copies of our Abacus VC10 before installing the new version.

Please note that these programs will NOT RUN unless you have a valid serial number key.
Do not waste your time downloading these programs unless you have purchased it or are going to purchase it!

Addictive Vickers VC10 v1.12
Full Install Standard and Super VC10 complete (135Mb) also with Flight Simulator X support and Spanish and German languages. We no longer sell this product on CD
Customers who purchased the retail packaged version of these product should note that their serial number will now work with this version.   

Note: The current installer will detect your Flight Simulator version and folder.
If both versions are detected you will be asked which to install. If none are
detected you will also be prompted to browse to the installation folder. To force
prompting, start the installer from a Run prompt adding the /F switch.